All my independently published books have been reduced for the summer

The Wickedly Romantic Poets Series

  • The Thread of Destiny
  • The Lure of a Poet
  • Treacle Moon
  • Entangled (coming soon)

The Jealous Love of a Scoundrel: A historical quartet of forbidden love

Free Me: A moving story that will linger in your head for days

The Runaway: Could a man like this commit murder…

Jane the Authoress: Discover her story

Stay home: Stay Safe: Stay well

Things to do to stay happy and healthy in lockdown

It’s great to see the good side of our human-spirit coming through with so many people offering free activities online: for social interaction and happy times, and just to do something you may never have done before. Some of these maybe of interest to you too.

Being stuck in our houses with no work to do in the day (for some of us), is starting to impact on some of my family and friends, emotionally, in a signifcant way, so we are all sharing things for people to do, and here are some of things we are doing:

Animal watches from lots of Zoos and wildlife parks, like:

Quizzes like:

Sing alongs like:

Dance alongs like:

Workouts like:

Book clubs like:

One more chapter’s book club Wednesday night at 6pm GMt ๐Ÿ“š

Comedians live streams like:

Go on a rollercoaster ride in your home like:

Go to the theatre in your home like:

  • At home with Shakespear – 30 days free streaming of the Royal shakespear company performances ๐Ÿ‘ธ๐Ÿป

Learn a langauge like:

Learn an instrament like:

If there is nothing here that interests you, then search online for the interests you have and I’m sure there will be something to connect with.

Stay home: Stay Safe: Stay well