A bird’s eye view of historical London

I have worked in some wonderful historical venues for my day job as well as visiting places at the weekend for fun and to do research for the historical books.  But sometimes I work in a modern venue that still makes me think about the past.

A while ago now, I went to a meeting that was in a venue at the top of an office block close to the banks of the Thames in London near Vauxhall Bridge. When I looked out through the window it struck me just how small London was in the Regency and Victorian eras when my historical books are set.


Three years ago I occupied one cold autumn evening that I had stayed over in London for work by walking down to the area where Vauxhall Pleasure grounds had once been. It is that small triangle of green on the far side of the river. You can see there is very little there now, I couldn’t even find any plants or trees that suggested there had been an aristocratic playground there once. But I walked there thinking about all the historical characters’ whose diaries and letters I had read, imaging them climbing into boats to cross the river to reach the excitement at the time when there was no bridge. I had set a scene there in The Passionate Love of a Rake and so I knew a lot about what it was like in its heyday.

The underpass to get from one side of the road to the other near the park is decorated with images to remind people today what people then would have been looking forward to. Men on stilts and tightrope walkers.


I was writing The Tainted Love of a Captain at the time I was in this high office building and I had recently researched how to obtain a licence to marry without the banns being read. I had set a scene in the book when a character travels to Lambeth Palace to obtain a licence from the Archbishop of Canterbury’s officials. So when I turned the other way in this office, with my camera, and took another picture, I was probably foolishly surprised to see Lambeth and Westminster Palace within easy walking distance to the boats to Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens.

I thought of Harriett Wilson as I stood there looking out at London. I have shared her story on the blog. I thought particularly about the days she wrote of waiting in a carriage outside Westminster Palace for a lover to come out from a meeting of the House of Lords. Perhaps men left the House of Lords and travelled straight to the boats to ferry them over to the pleasure grounds. I also thought about Frances Bankes letters that talked about visiting her son when he was ill while at the boys’ school in Westminster. The element of her life story inspired an element of The Reckless Love of an Heir, as she sat on an upturned bucket beside his bed, did she dine at the pleasure gardens when they were in their townhouse.

Certainly, lots of the wealthy families owned houses in the area between Westminster and Vauxhall, as all the street names declare.

It was just fascinating for me to stand there and look down and it made my imagination run with ideas on how people lived in the past. That area of London would have been flooded with the best society.






The Truth by Jane Lark ~ a free book exclusive to my blog ~ part sixty-four

The Truth

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Chapter Eighteen



Emerald’s heart pounded as she watched Richard emerge from the midst of the theatre box full of people. “Your Grace.” He bowed to her cousin and then turned to her uncle and aunt with aplomb, “Mr and Mrs Coomb,” before looking to her. “Miss Martin.” His hand lifted and hovered waiting for hers. Her fingers shook as she acquiesced and set her hand on his. He raised her gloved hand to his lips and kissed her fingers while his thumb brushed across her palm and his dark gaze held hers. As soon as he lifted his head she slipped her hand free.

“Miss Martin, you have not met all of my family. This is my elder sister the Countess of Lincoln and the Earl.” The beautiful dark haired Countess who stepped forward had as intimidating a look as Richard. “And my sister the Marchioness of Wells and the Marquis.” Emerald dropped a third curtsey. They smiled at her, all of them.

The scene silently screamed, fraud. Everything the papers had implied was true and she and Richard stood here pretending it was not before her family and his, with a theatre audience watching their farce.

“And my brother, Lord Frederick Farrow.” She performed another curtsey. For the none-to-speak-of family he had described on the ship, there were a number of them, and they were all titled.

His youngest sister stepped forward. “Sit beside me, I saved you a place. We have the best view. Richard said the theatres in Calcutta do not compare.” Emerald knew his sister’s perceived kindness was simply more of Richard’s manipulation.

As Emerald sat, she heard Richard direct her cousin to a chair in the second row of the box. The Duke would not be happy. He had been watching her in the carriage with a look of suspicion. He did not like the way this outing had been planned, he had been maneuvered into this as much as Emerald, except that he suspected her to be apart of the plan and not a pawn in it.

Her aunt and uncle were encouraged to sit with the Marquis and Marchioness of Wells in a third row, with Richard engineering it all. Then he sat behind Emerald. He neither spoke nor touched her but she knew he was there. Her senses screamed his presence as they had done on the ship. She was still attracted to him. Richard Farrow––the cold, distant, secret man from Calcutta. The liar.

Her heart beat steadily as she watched the play––Macbeth. Could there be anything more tragic. Tears hovered in her eyes as they reached the interval. Everyone in the box stood but her and for the first time Richard touched her, his fingers briefly pressing her shoulder before falling away but the instant’s closeness brought a rush of haunting memories; of him holding her hand in a narrow cabin while he read to her while she was ill; of him pressing her back against the wall behind the cabin door to kiss her after others had just left; of his body tangled with hers in crumpled sheets.

She hoped the dark theatre hid her blush as she stood too and looked at The Duke. His expression was somber.

“Rose,” Richard stated, “would you care to walk about the boxes with me and complete some introductions and perhaps you would join us, Your Grace, with Miss Martin.”

It was another subtle orchestration. He was forcing her cousin to accompany him to make this all look harmless. It was not harmless. His intent was not to cease the rumours, his intent was to break her engagement and win her back, she knew it. The Duke’s expression said that he knew it too.

Stupidly relief swelled inside her. She did not really want to marry her cousin. But then what would she do?

Richard stood beside the blond haired Duke. The devil and the angle, right and wrong, good and bad, deceit and security. Her foolish, wicked heart chose deceit. The need to cry swelled in her throat. She loved Richard but she could not love him.

The Duke lifted his arm and she laid her fingers on it. No. She was going to do the right thing and make her father proud. The Duke rested his hand over hers. She looked up and smiled at him, denying the shimmer of tears that she looked through.

Richard lifted his hand and encouraged them to walk ahead. He and his sister followed.

To be continued…

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