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Whitehall Palace Banqueting House

Bath Royal Mineral Water Hospital

Let’s talk about the macabre was Byron original

The commemoration of the Battle of Waterloo

Part  One

04 The lost love of a Soldier 300dbi

Part Two

Part Three

Brief stories from The Battle of Waterloo ~ Sir Alexander Gordan ~ Wellington’s aide-de-camp

A woman’s role in a soldier’s camp

Brief stories from The Battle of Waterloo ~ The impact of combat on men

Brief stories from The Battle of Waterloo ~ General Uxbridge

Brief stories from The Battle of Waterloo ~ A sense of infantry squares

What happened when Wellington left the Duchess of Richmond’s ball ~ the battle of Quatre-Bras and Ligny

The experiences of women at the front line of war

See my Facebook page for videos and lots of pictures of Waterloo 2015


The history of marriages at Gretna Green  Marriages at Gretna Green


Tales from Jane Austen’s ancestral home which inspired many elements of her novels

Stoneleigh abbey library holds a copy of a Fordyces Sermons of Jane Austen – Pride and


The staircase Jane Austen entered via on her arrival

Prejudice – Fame

Two captivating true characters among Jane Austen’s relatives

Jane Austen’s family history at Stoneleigh Abbey

More about Jane Austen’s stay at Stoneleigh Abbey

And even more about Jane Austen’s stay at Stoneleigh Abbey

Stoneliegh Abbey and Jane Austen’s family connections

Lady Caroline Lambs whole disgraceful truth  – The true story of Lady Caroline Lamb, who had a very famous, but very short affair with Lord Byron

CarolinelambPart One ~ A member of the mist

Part Two ~ Affairs of the heart

Part Three ~ A wild life abroad

Part Four ~ A Georgian girl’s education – life at Jane Austen’s school

Part Five ~  A period of troubles

Part Six ~ Becoming a Young woman

Part Seven ~ Meeting her first love

Part Eight ~ Coming out in France in the time of Napoleon

Part Nine ~ The Bessboroughs’ life in France in the time of Napoleon

Part Ten ~ Another illegitimate child graces the family

Part Eleven ~ The proposal

Part Twelve ~ Married into a love match

Part Thirteen ~ The honeymoon period of marriage

Part Fourteen ~ Caro falls with child

Part Fifteen ~ The true traumas of a regency marriage between two young people

Part Sixteen ~ ‘The Duchess’ of dies

Part Seventeen ~ Love, breeches and a woman’s wiles

Part Eighteen ~ Giving birth setting up the vicious rumours and throwing pottery

Part Nineteen ~ The pressures that open the cracks in the Lamb’s ill-fated marriage

Part Twenty ~ The true story of what you should never do if you have a regency intrigue

Part Twenty -one ~ The scandal of waltzing parties

Part Twenty-two ~ Sudden fame and a new fan for Lord Byron

Part Twenty-three ~ A passionate love affair with Lord Byron

The X Factor in Downton Abbey

Why do people love Downton Abbey so much?

The true stories, Harriette Wilson, the 19th Century Courtesan, didn’t tell in her memoirs

How she fell

Where she first learned the arts of a courtesan – as recorded by Jane Austen in a letter

The true story of a 19th Century Courtesan ~ Harriette Wilson ~ first post at the bottom of the list and work up 🙂

At the end of a Regency courtesan’s life, who can she turn to

The impact of a courtesan’s kiss and tell memoirs on the elite of Regency society

A courtesan enjoying the novelty, secrecy and equality of a masquerade ball

A real 19th century masked ball, experienced through the eyes and emotions of a courtesan

A courtesan’s portrayal of a real Regency villain

Harriette_Wilson00A Regency courtesan caught in a love triangle

Life as a courtesan begins to age and lose her fame

A courtesan deserted  – Fanny’s break up with Colonel Parker

A courtesan’s agreement of inconstancy – also known as revenge

Free as air a courtesan’s agreement of inconstancy in denial of the feelings of her heart

A break-up Regency style ~ a courtesan who just can’t let go of a young handsome man

A courtesan alone in a masculine domain

A Regency courtesan’s power of persuasion

The jealous game played int he world of a courtesan

While the cats away a real Regency courtesan could…

 A courtesan caught in a possessive relationship – wracked with jealousy on both parts

The jealous courtesan and the hidden Regency fashion for seducing young men

Harriette, the Regency courtesan, kicks the next man out of her bed ‘and I , to show my indifference, would make a point of joining any gay evening parties’

A courtesan scorned

A messy separation Regency courtesan style

Harriette’s year of solitude in the village of Charmouth

A Courtesan’s little deceit for the sake of propriety

Harriette’s country retreat – including a trip to Regency Lyme Regis

A new seduction

What happens once Lord Worcester has gone, will the courtesan play?

The cost of love – even for a courtesan is sometimes too high

Harriette’s hopes and Lord Worcester’s love begin tumbling towards a terrible end

Lord Worcester’s love turns desperate and Harriette resorts to disguise

Harriette’s description of a stay in a small apology of an inn

A theatre trip shows up the contrast between a courtesan and a prostitute

Harriette and Lord Worcester’s regiment the 10th Hussars

Harriette begins a game of tug of war over the affections of her young marquis

Lord Worcester’s youthful adoration of a courtesan

Harriette begins an intrigue with a new protector perhaps with a happy ending on her mind

Did the Regency courtesan Harriette Wilson seek a calculated happy ending too

The second courtesan to seek a fairy-tale ending

Did all courtesans in the Regency era long for a fairy-tale ending and hope to win a duke?

Yet again Harriette gives us a fabulous insight into the world of a Regency courtesan

Harriette Wilson’s fame and position as favourite receives another knock back

Lord Ponsonby

Lord Ponsonby

The end of love Harriette Wilson tells us how she suffered a broken heart

How Harriette Wilson’s Memoirs inspired me to write The Illicit Love of a Courtesan

The darker side of Regency England – the story of how Harriette Wilson’s sister Sophia was seduced and coerced into the life of a courtesan

Harriette Wilson questions her lover’s friend to learn more about Lord Ponsonby’s relationship with his wife – guilt or jealousy

Harriette Wilson the 19th century courtesan savours real love

Harriette Wilson does what a courtesan should never do – she falls in love

Harriette Wilson a 19th Century courtesan grows tired of fame and longs for love

Harriette a 19th Century courtesan chases a man she desires

A real 19th Century courtesan Harriette Wilson seeks wealthy protector – the Duke of Wellington

The gossip of a real 19th Century courtesan offers a window into the past

The tale of the three graces – the life story of a real 19th Century courtesans continues

Another chapter in my Harriette Wilson series – the true story of a regency courtesan

Another Chapter in a Regency courtesan’s real story

The next chapter in a 19th century courtesan’s true story – Harriette Wilson meets Julia Storer

The next chapter in a Regency courtesan’s true story as recorded in her memoirs

Harriette Wilson the true story of a 19th century Regency courtesan and pastures greener

My second post on the true adventures of a 19th century courtesan on her play for a prince

Another true scandalous tale of a 19th century courtesan

The Old Theatre Royal, which I discovered in the City of Bath, UK

Bath Theatre

18th-century life in the Orchard St Theatre Bath and its involvement in the transport of letters

The Theatre Royal Orchard St Bath was the Theatre that Jane Austen attended

I discovered a real preserved gem in Bath, the old Royal Theatre in Orchard St

I came across the front door of the old Royal Theatre in Bath and then found out I could go inside

Life in 18th Century Bath



Bath – Trim St, where Jane Austin lived after her father’s death, leading into Queen St

IMG_3155Frances Bankes letters record the pleasures of an 18th Century Christmas Ball

Children allowed at the Christmas ball

This week we are going to dance at Frances Bankes Christmas ball the date is 19th December – come along

Today I am inviting you to join me at a Christmas ball – we’re going to the 19th December 1791

Scandalous women recorded in history

Mary Shelley

Mary Shelley

The story of Lady Caroline Lamb, Lord Byron’s mistress, and the niece of the Duchess (the story told in the Keira Knightley film)

The tale of Kitty Hunter the real mistress of a Pembroke

Mary Shelley’s story, the author of Frankenstein

Claire Jane Clairmont, Lord Byron’s mistress, and Mary Shelley’s step sister

Mary Imlay’s story, Mary Shelley’s (the author of Frankenstein’s  half-sister

Emma Hart’s (Lady Hamilton’s) story, the courtesan who won a title and the love of Admiral Nelson

Cheddar Caves

Cheddar Caves and their gloriously ghoulish 18th Century entertainment

Stories about a Georgian Mill

Spinning and weaving in the early 1700s

Life in a Georgian mill Oliver Twist style

Historic Graffiti

Stories from the period of the Stuart’s Dynasty

Old trees – my secret passion


Kingston Lacy Old T 1 (4)

Kingston Lacy



A musical evening laid to celebrate Christmas at Stourhead

Medieval tales

Attingham 1Attingham family tales

The tale of an impoverished lord encouraging his son to take a wealthy wife

Hampton Court Palace ladies in waiting

Belton House stories including its link to King Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson

An 18th Century grandstand for watching country sport

The coat Lord Byron’s bride wore to their wedding

Lancelot Brown, known by his nick-name ‘Capability’

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