The Dangerous Love of a Rogue, out Jan 29th, is Mary’s story – but here are some previous scenes including Mary

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Dangerous Love of a rogue from Zoe


The new story in the Marlow Intrigues series, The Dangerous Love of a Rogue, is Mary’s story, so before the book is released on January 29th I thought I would do a little reflection on the scenes Mary has been in. Here she is in The Passionate Love of a Rake, where we see she is a very loved, and therefore very spoiled, little girl, who’s beauty charms those around her;


“And this,” Edward stated, his hand running over the little girl’s ebony curls, as she was balanced on his arm, “Is my imp of a daughter, Mary-Rose.”

A sharp pain pierced Jane’s breast. She’d given up any hope of children when she’d realized any child born to her would be sentenced to Hector’s imprisonment, too. That scar tore open.

“I want my ice, Papa,” The child said, looking only at her father.

 “You are rude, mite,” John said, holding his hands out to his sister. Again the girl changed her host, now clinging to her brother’s neck. “You have not even said hello to Papa’s friends, and you are asking us to leave them. Are you going to be polite and say hello to these ladies? You must call this lady, Your Grace, and her friend Lady Rimes”

The girl made a frustrated face, but then wriggled to be let down before slipping from her brother’s grip and performing a perfect curtsy. “Your Grace, Lady Rimes, good day. My name is Mary-Rose.” Instantly it was done her bright smile turned back to her papa. “Now may I have an ice?”

Edward shook his head, but Jane could see the smile he struggled to hide. “Not yet, you must wait a while. I wish to speak with my friend Jane. I shall take you to Gunter’s in a little while if you are good, and patient.”

“Come,” Ellen stated, picking up her daughter.

 “You are very pretty, Mary-Rose. I am sure your papa is very proud of you,” Jane said.

“And in debt for one ice,” Ellen added with a laugh.

“She is a poppet,” Violet said, her eyes sparkling.

“She is a monster,” Edward answered in an over zealous voice that had the little girl laughing.

“A monster who devours ices,” John enthused, bending to form an impression of a monster, which made the little girl squeal with delight.


“Uncle Robert!” Mary-Rose barrelled through the French doors, the fresh smell of spring carried with her in her clothes. Bending, Robert captured her as the tot charged into his leg, squealing. He lifted her to his hip as her elder brother, John, raced in behind her. Robert imagined his own children thus, when they came. He was impatient for that day.

“Coward,” John accused as he approached, his skin flushed and his chest heaving. Robert saw grass in John’s hair and knew, without doubt, Mary was responsible. John was growing up, and he did not always wish to play her childish games, and Mary had run to her uncle for safety because she knew Robert was soft on her. There was tension in John’s jaw. He rarely lost his temper. He was, in general, a placid lad, but he was in the turbulent years of his life, and he had grown much quieter lately, and more solitary. John lifted his chin with a look too much like His Grace, the Duke of Pembroke, John’s grandsire, for comfort.

“She is an imp, Papa. Send her to bed without supper.”

Mary grinned at her brother, unrepentant.

Robert eased the argument by offering to take John riding tomorrow, and telling him he might stay with the men after dinner, and then to Mary he offered ice-cream in the nursery as her appeasement.

Edward agreed to both of Robert’s offers and then took John away to play billiards, leaving Mary in Robert’s arms.

One of Mary’s hands rested on his shoulder, the other touched his cheek then slid to his earlobe. Her small fingers rubbed it.

Mary here is used to being important within her little family group, she is special to her parents, her uncle Robert, and Robert’s wife Jane, and she is so much younger than John that she is not fighting for attention with her sibling, but stealing it away from John.

There are a couple more excerpts to come in the week 😀

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The Dangerous Love of a Rogue

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“The game is on with Pembroke’s little sister…” Lord Andrew Framlington watched Miss Mary Marlow. The woman had been warned to keep away from him, but she had a little contrary in her soul. She had not been deterred. Perhaps she had a taste for bad hidden beneath her cold denials, or a liking for naughtiness in her soul – either of which appealed.

“Stop pretending you do not like me…” Drew had urged Mary, “Stop running…” Her body urged her to as much as he did. Something pulled her towards him. Something unknown and all consuming… and yet how could she disobey her father and her brother…

Reckless in Innocence ~ A #Free Historical Romance story ~ Part Eighteen

Reckless in Innocence

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Reckless in Innocence

Reckless in Innocence


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Chapter Six


Marcus turned from the drive, through an open gate, into a grass meadow scattered with thistles which had turned to down, and urged his horse forward into a canter. He’d forgotten how good the air of Kent felt against his skin, and that from the ridge you could see far into the distance.

Elizabeth’s mare’s stride thudded on the grass behind him as his stallion kicked up clumps of turf before her, but he did not slow the pace. Instead he kicked his heels against Titan’s sides and focused the animal forward, sending it into a brisk gallop as he leaned close to the horse’s mane, absorbing the exhilarating speed and power in the animal’s limbs.

The wood. Marcus sat back into his saddle, pulling sharply to turn Titan and break his speed. The animal spun about, side stepping. Elizabeth rode a good hundred or so yards behind him. Keeping Titan steady, Marcus waited for her to catch him up.

She looked as though she was enjoying herself, or certainly the smile on her lips implied it, he could not see her eyes at this distance through the fine veil attached to the brim of her hat.

“Has Titan broken your temper?” She called from a distance.

“I am not in a temper. It is a beautiful day. I had a thirst to feel the rush of air one gets from a hard ride. Do you not like the first days of autumn? There is something different in the light, I think. Can you see it? The grass turns to an emerald green and the bracken to bronze. I would miss autumn if I lived in a country where it was forever hot.”

“You are at odds with yourself, Marcus. You cannot say you like autumn because of its affect on the foliage when you have just told me you prefer the town.”

A frown creased his brow briefly,  he did not really understand her logic. He leaned forward, passing his leg across the horse’s rump and then leapt into a dismount. “Come, I have a whim.” He took off his hat and gloves and then tossed them to the ground.

Elizabeth watched, her expression dubious. He smiled. She was entirely mistrustful now, but he supposed he deserved that. She accepted his hand, though, when he offered it, and slipped her knee from the pommel, then turned. His hand left hers to catch hold of her waist and then he lifted her down. He might have brought her close but he did not, he stepped away and instead caught up her hand then led her from the horses towards the hedge at the edge of the field.

The grass was long and damp and it soaked the hem of Elizabeth’s skirt.

When Marcus reached the hedgerow he stretched up to a thorny bush and picked a ripe, dark blackberry, then turned to Elizabeth. “The fruits of autumn. Open your mouth.”

Her eyes looked her confusion and doubt, yet she opened her mouth.

He placed the berry on her tongue, as he held her gaze. His fingers were stained with the dark juice and a little leaked on to her lip as she chewed it.

He picked another for her but this time she let go of his hand and took it from his fingers, denying the intimacy he’d engendered. But then she took off her gloves and reached for one, and turned to him. Marcus swallowed against the sudden dryness in his throat before he opened his mouth to accept it. She slid the berry past his lips and he caught it with his teeth as his hand lifted to capture hers before it might pull away. He licked the  juice from her fingertips. He reached for another berry for her but she turned away, pulling her hand from his.

“Did you come here to pick berries as a child?” she asked, picking another one for herself a couple of feet away.

“I did.” Marcus glanced towards the wood, an image from years ago in his mind’s eye. “Though only when I was very young.” He looked back at Elizabeth. “I have not done so since I was eight.” He watched her lips part and then she bit into the berry.

“Elizabeth, tell me what the hell you see in Percy to make you want his company?”

She smiled at him, a soft smile. It reminded him of the tempting looks she had used to throw across ballrooms at him, when she had still been innocent. “Because Lord Percy is not you, Marcus. He is the opposite of you, and I am inclined towards every quality you do not possess.”

Wicked, wicked woman. She was sugar and spice indeed. When she wished she could spit venom, when she liked she could be honey. Without even thinking, his hand reached for her and he brought her to him. The material of the habit was taut across her chest and he could not help but be aware of her bosom rising and falling from the quickening of her breath.

He looked at her mouth, at the dark stain from the berry juice on her lips. Then his gaze met hers through the thin gauze of the short veil covering her eyes. He had not looked into the depths of the turquoise blue for weeks.  His fingers lifted the gauze and turned it up over the brim of her hat, but then they ran down her cheek and his thumb wiped juice from her lower lip.

To be continued…


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Dangerous Love of a rogue from Zoe

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