The Secret of Belton House Chapel

When we went to Belton House at the weekend, we saw the Chapel from the servants perspective and the perspective of the family. The servants entrance was below stairs, and the servants sat beneath the family gallery, they’d have been out of sight from the family. The Chapel was built in the 17th Century and the style of it was a practice which hung over from medieval period where the family did not sit amongst their staff. The family’s entrance to the chapel was on to a balcony from a bedchamber, and they would have watched the service from above.


The secret the guide shared with us was that the impressive decoration about the altar which looks like marble carvings and pillars is in fact paper and board painted to look like marble.  This was common practice to keep costs down.

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Belton House and Pride and Prejudice

Belton House which we visited at the weekend was used in a scene in the BBC series of Pride and Prejudice with Colin Firth as Mr Darcy, the scene in which he writes to Elizabeth, responding to her accusations following his proposal, were filmed in the green bedroom, he sits at the desk in the room and writes the letter here.