Georgian Gardens

Recently, we went to Westbury Court Garden, a restored 17th Century Dutch Water Garden which survived the era of Capability Brown, and I have to say I am a sucker for Georgian Gardens. I have seen some beautiful vistas of orchestrated nature designed by Capability Brown and his like, some of them are truly amazing. It is really stunning the way they’ve framed views, but I do like the order of a Georgian garden and this was a good example. You will find in many of my books that owners have left the Georgina Gardens alone simply because I love them. But there are a couple of the best Regency gardens thrown in. I will save those descriptions for when the books are released though. However there was one point of real discovery when I looked around the garden at Westbury. In one of the gardens summer houses they had the black and white etched 17thCentury picture mapping out the garden, and two other pictures of gardens. One of which was Dyrham Park, which I visit regularly as it’s nearBath. I have seen the Dyrham Park picture several times there, but these Gardens were lost and turned to open parkland and I always imagined them covering acres––in the style  of Versailles. Yet looking at the Westbury Court picture you can see that the perspective made them look much bigger than they are, as at Westbury court you could map every feature. I could then map the few remaining features at Dyrham too, and realised it was not wider or longer than the current garden.

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