The Lost Love of a Soldier out July 17th

The Lost Love of a Soldier

The prequel to The Marlow Intrigues series

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I am going to share some excerpts from The Lost Love of a Soldier, leading up to the release date July 17th

Dressing Ellen’s first husband in his Scarlet Military coat (The Illicit Love of a Courtesan)

and  adding flesh, blood and bones to John’s father (The Scandalous Love of a Duke)


The Lost Love of a Soldier


An excerpt

Ellen pressed her fingers against the door, leaning to whisper through it. “I know, and I know Mama cannot defend me, she must obey Papa. I do not want him to be angry with her or you. You should go, Penny…”


“Paul made an offer. Papa refused it. He is angry because I encouraged Paul. Do not become caught up in this or Papa will confine you to your room too.”

“Paul? Captain Harding? Oh Ellen. I like him.”

Resting her forehead against the wood, Ellen smiled. “As do I, but Papa does not. He wishes me to accept the Duke of Argyle.” 

“Ellen… I shall come through the servants’ way and speak with you. You cannot marry that old man. He is awful.”

“No. Papa would be furious. Do not take the risk. I can manage, I am merely a little cold and hungry,” and I will be gone soon…

“But you will not agree to marry that old man. I saw him in the summer and–”

“Of course not.” An urge to share the truth and speak of her elopement shot through Ellen’s heart, another arrow of love passing through it, but it would be wrong to involve Penny. Penny was fifteen, she would not be able to hide her knowledge if their father questioned her, and Ellen would not have Penny hurt.

“I miss you. Rebecca and Sylvia do nothing but play silly games. Life is so dull without you.”

Penny’s words tugged as if a cord was tethered to the arrow through Ellen’s heart, and Penny pulled it.

But Ellen could not stay. She wanted to be with Paul.

Her hands trembled as her palms pressed against the wood and she leant closer, feeling the presence of her sister on the other side in every fibre of her body…

This life, this house, was all Ellen had known. She’d never travelled beyond the local towns.

Paul had travelled the world. He’d told her what life as an army officer’s wife would be. Hard. She was not to expect luxury. But she would be loved and cared for and adored by him. She longed for it. Her heart ached for it. But voices in her head whispered, be afraid…

“You will manage without me Penny.”

“I know I shall. It will only be for a few days Papa cannot keep you locked away forever.”

“Yes, only for a few days…” Years. A desire to speak the truth to Penny fought to break the words from Ellen’s lips. But if her father discovered Penny had been told he’d hurt her. “You’d better go. I’d never forgive myself if you’re caught.”

“As soon as Papa allows you to come out, find me and tell me everything. Promise?”



“Good-bye.” Tears flooded Ellen’s eyes as she heard her sister go.

Leaving Penny behind without explanation, would cause Penny pain, but it tore at Ellen’s heart too.

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