Reckless in Innocence ~ A #Free Historical Romance story ~ Part Four

Reckless in Innocence

© Jane Lark

Publishing rights belong to Jane Lark, this should not be recreated in any form without prior consent from Jane Lark

Reckless in Innocence

Reckless in Innocence


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Part Four


But. He had morals. Some left. A few… She had been entirely innocent. Her fingers clasped at his hips. She must have sensed his inner battle. But then he had not not moved in moments.

“I want this,” she said again, her fingernails cutting into his skin, her grip was so firm. But then it gentled and her hands ran up beneath his shirt and waistcoat.

All he could see in her eyes was a dark certainty at their hearts. It shone in her pupils – a need for him to continue.

His hand lifted and brushed the strands of hair ornamenting her brow to one side.

He had still not moved, but he was still buried deep within her.

“Make love to me,” she whispered, “I need you to.”

Need was a very strong word.


He needed too.

He moved then, withdrawing slowly. His hands held her thighs, while she clung to his hips.

His jaw was set, a muscle flickering in his cheek. She was a little dry now. This must be sore for her, and uncomfortable perhaps.

But she had said – needed…

“Lean back a little,” he whispered. “Put your hands behind you.”

She did as he bid her, looking up to the night sky beyond the room and the glinting stars and moonlight which shone above them. He had never before cared about the setting of where he brought a woman pleasure… But this girl was different.

He touched her too then, his thumb brushing over the fore of her feminine flesh as he gently withdrew and slowly pressed in.

He was renowned as a skillful seducer surely he could bring pleasure to an innocent. He just needed to help her body learn what it ought to know.

“Is it better?” he whispered as he withdrew and pressed in, letting his pace grow in determination.

A shiver racked her frame. “Yes,” the answer slipped out on a breath.

It was better, she had become slicker, and her inner muscle warm and swollen.

He leaned forward a little – desire, passion, pulling him closer. Her gaze dropped to look at him. He kissed her… one hand bracing her head, while the other still pressed the spot between her legs that made her hotter, and he continued to claim her.

Her lips pressed and brushed against his, searching and clinging to his, the response urging him on, asking for more than he was giving, as her inner heat absorbed his thoughts.

He ceased touching her and gripped her thighs, and then moved more vigorously, filling and claiming the girl as his. He was the first to do this with her.

The very first.

His fingertips pressed into the soft flesh of her thighs, and he looked to watch himself enter her body. She was so pale, and the dusting of hair, golden.

The girl merely leaned back upon the table and let him take… her innocence.

He drove in thrice more as her muscle shook in his hands, and then his end came, growling in his blood. He caught the sound before it leaked from his mouth; it erupted only as a low groan, while his fingers clung to her thighs and the emotion of release washed over him and swept away.

She was shaking, when he withdrew. He saw blood on her thighs and on him.

She had not reached her climax, he had intended it to get that far but she was so bloody tight, as soon as she had grown hot and slick again, he had lost control. He had not left a woman wanting since he’d been a bloody boy.

But God, what was a man supposed to do when he found himself unexpectedly making love to a virgin.

She was still shaking.

But hell, he was shaking.

His fingers lifted and brushed a strand of hair back from her cheek. “Are you well?”

She nodded, but did not speak.

He did not know what to say? What to do? This was only the second time in his life he had known what it felt like to be helpless.

He cursed inwardly, reaching for the handkerchief in the pocket of his evening coat then wiped her thighs, before wiping himself clean too… There was no hearth in here, in which to burn it, he would have to put the thing in the fire at home.

Why had he done it? Why had he given in?

Why had she urged him to do it?

His finger and thumb captured her chin and tilted her eyes up so she looked at him.

They shone with unshed tears.

He cursed himself.

“Elizabeth,” he said her name, because he was unsure what else to say. What was there to say? Nothing. So don’t speak he told himself, but even so the words, “I’m sorry,” slipped out.

There was nothing more he could do here. Nothing to repair this.

He tore his gaze away from hers, tucked his shirt back in and then secured his falls.

His hands still shook.

The handkerchief. The evidence of his crime, secured in his coat, hidden from the view of society, and those who would abhor what he had done to this girl, he looked up and said to her. “I shall go back. You should wait here a few moments and tidy yourself up, before you follow. I will ensure no one comes this way…”

She did not answer, and he did not wait for her to.

He turned away and left, the soles of his evening shoes echoing on the porcelain tiles.


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