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The Truth

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“Miss Martin,” the woman began. “I am sorry, but I see him so rarely,  you are not escaping me, Richard. Are you staying with us, will you be coming home? You must come and say hello to my friends.” The woman took hold of Richard’s hand. “Will you excuse us, Miss Martin?”

Richard glanced at Emerald then at his sister, then his eyes returned to Emerald. “Pardon me.”

“Of course.” Her agreement was breathless. If he went away she felt as though she might never see him again.

He bowed his head, she bobbed a weak curtsey and then he was drawn away by the woman.

“Miss Martin.” She turned to face the Russian Ambassador, a friend of The Duke’s. He held out his hand to receive hers, she lay her hand into his open palm and he bowed deeply and kissed the back of her silk glove. Then he straightened and leant forward a little. “Be careful with whom you consort, Miss Martin,” he whispered.

Did he mean Richard? warmth glowed in her cheeks as the Ambassador turned away, while memories of Richard’s kiss and his bed past through her mind.

“Emma dear, where have you been?” Emerald turned to face her aunt. “Why do you not sit down, my dear, you look flustered, your colour is up.”

She did not want to speak to her aunt. “No thank you. Excuse me.” She turned to the room, which was full of all their guests men and women and she could no longer see Richard.


Emerald began to walk across the room. Ignoring her aunt’s plea to be heard.

She saw him. He was on the far side, taller than those about him, and he stood with a younger man who looked like him and another, older, woman as well as his sister.

He’d said he had no family to speak of on the ship.

“Emma?” She jumped as The Duke’s hand clasped her elbow in a firm grip to stop her movement. She turned to face him. “I was told you were speaking with Wroxeter. Heaven knows how he got in. But at least the people shall think it a coup that he appears here. But how came he to speak with you? Did he accost you?”

Wroxeter? The man The Duke liked to laugh about the ill-fortunes of. “I have not met him.” She freed her arm and glanced across her shoulder to ensure that Richard had not moved away.

“But Alekseev, saw you with him.”

She looked back at The Duke. “I spoke with Mr Farrow,.”


“I arrived on his ship…” Emerald began, but The Duke was not listening.

“Good God.” He was looking across the room, in the direction she had been looking. “He is Wroxeter.” She turned again. Richard? Wroxeter? An Earl… “You travelled all the way from India with him.

Emerald’s heart kicked. Richard was not an Earl. He’d have said so if he was. But he’d said he had no family to speak of on the ship and there he was standing amongst them. Her feet began to move, walking her towards him. He’d lied again. As he’d lied about his mistress and her mother––through omission.

To be continued…

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